[pptp-server] Windows DUN connection hangs after file transfer

R?mi Desrosiers remi at sonitec.com
Fri Jan 4 00:40:02 CST 1980

Hi all,
I successfully (well to some point) installed poptop 1.0.0 and ppp-2.3.11 on a redhat 6.2 dist with kernel 2.2.17 (not from RPMS,
but from ftp.kernel.org configured with RedHat's config file). I didn't use any RPMs since I wanted to patch for MSCHAP password
auth. I also have a firewall configured for masquerading tcp 1723 and GRE. Timeouts are all set to 2 hours. Firewall
is connected by cable modem to the net.

Now here's my problem:

Whenever Win95 or Win98 clients connect to the PPTP, after some random time the connection dies. I was able once to
keep exchanging data over 20 min, but after that i must disconnect and reconnect to the server. Could this be an issue
with the cable modem or could it be MPPE stateless bug? I also tried ppp-2.3.8 with mschap and mppe patch but with
the same results. I can get a debug log if needed.

Remi Desrosiers
Tech support

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