[pptp-server] IPs

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Tue Aug 3 18:17:44 CDT 1999

> Can someone please explain to me what the local and remote IPs are for. 
> Should I be able to ping both if someone logs in?  If not why did
> someone suggect the non-masq route to that subnet, because you would
> only be working with the local subnet. 

local ip is the ip of the linux box (server) as seen by the clients, and
the remote ip is the ip address that the client will be seen as on your

you should be able to ping both ips

if the client can connect, but peers can't see it, the culprit is usually
masqing. What happens is if the clinets are assigned an ip on a separate
subnet, and masquing is enabled, the defaulot forwarding policy is usually
to masq the packets. As such, packets coming to the client get sent out
the wrong interface and on to the internet, or they get masqued by the
linux box, and since they are talking to some other computer, they ignore
the packets because they come from the wrong place.

> One more thing, If it is the case that I connect throught the local
> subnet, should they not be in the browse list? 

this depends on how long they've been connected, whether or not they're
onthe same subnet as other computers, and if you have a wins server (and
the client is configured to use it)


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