[pptp-server] Compression / Encryption / routing

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Thu Aug 5 12:32:32 CDT 1999

> - PoPTop logs ' compression disabled by peer ' if compression is
> selected in the Client. How can it be enabled.

make sure you have the compression modules loaded for ppp. if your linux
/var/log/messages has lines that say can't load module ppp-compress-??
then you need to load the compression modules.

> - If  software encryption is enabled in the client, it says that the
> server doesn't support it.

did you compile the mppe patch into pppd? you need to do that before it
will support encryption

> - How should I set a route from my local NET to the net of the POPTop
> server? I tryied using the route add command of Windows but it didn't
> add the route.

when it connects, windows makes a route for it automatically. You might
try reading the ppp-howto for info on how to setup routes for dialup users
(pptp uses ppp to connect, so it can be viewed just like a dialup


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