[pptp-server] W95 no traffic via pptpd/slirp/solaris problem - help

Harald Vogt vogt at serc.nl
Sat Aug 7 07:39:33 CDT 1999


I am running pptpd-0.9.10 with slirp instead of pppd on
a Solaris box and try to connect with a W95 DUN 1.3 client.

I am getting a normal pptp connection without errors
via my ISP, so authentication is ok.

The problem is that I can get no traffic via the
pptp link. My routing table looks as follows on W95
(my ISP address is, my ppptp server address
is and my remote ip pptp adress is

Active Routes:

  Network Address          Netmask  Gateway Address        Interface  Metric
       1       1       1       1       1       1       1       1       1       1       1

I am able to ping my pptp server via my ISP link,
but when I try to ping or telnet to on our
own net, I get only request timed out.


o What is/ am i doing wrong?

o The route table seems to be ok, internal traffic should
  go via the entry and everythig else via,
  or am I wrong?

o Should slirp send some "magic" init bytes to the client?

Any hints/suggestions are appreciated.


Harald Vogt

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