[pptp-server] problem with mppe patch on pppd

Rick Matlock rmatlock at calltech.com
Mon Aug 9 19:24:17 CDT 1999

This was posted last month sometime (before I was on the list).

I have included it again maybe to make life easier to someone else:

Andy Carlson naclos at swbell.net
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:09:06 -0500 (CDT) 

I fixed my problem with ppp_mppe.o, though I am still not sure why I had
problems, and others seem not to.  The instructions call for copying
rc4.h and rc4_enc.c, but I also had to copy rc4_locl.h.  I found the
header for RC4_set_key in rc4_skey.c, so I copied that file, and added
an include for it in ppp_mppe.c.

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that's an easy one.. there are a couple of extra files you need to get
you get the rc4 files from a different distro than is mentioned in
readme.mppe. I forget what they are, but look through the archives, and
i'll see what i can do about getting this note added to teh main install


On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Rick Matlock wrote:

> This is probably an extermely simple solution, so I figured I would
> it.  I am getting the following error win I attempt to insmod the
> ppp_mppe module:
> unresolved symbol RC4_set_key
> I have attempted to use the rc4.h and the rc4_enc.c files from both
> SSLea-0.9.0b and openssl-0.9.3a, but both have the exact same problem.
> Any quick solutions, or a URL that has the solution?  I found the
> function in the rc4_skey.c file:
> void RC4_set_key(key, len, data)
> RC4_KEY *key;
> int len;
> register unsigned char *data;
> I am using pppd-2.3.8 and the patch.  THe patch installed fine, and
> kernel compiled good.  All other modules in the kernel work, just the
> ppp_mppe is giving this error.
>   Thanks in advance for any help.
>   Rick
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