[pptp-server] Redhat 5.2

Michael Walter walterm at Gliatech.com
Mon Aug 16 17:04:45 CDT 1999

Hello All,
Well the redhat 5.2 detailed instruction set is almost complete.  I am
testing them as I write them as well so they should be pretty thorough.  I
am running into a problem that I was hoping someone might have an answer to.
The RH 5.2 machine I am testing on is working perfectly, taking encrypted
passwords and connections and routing appropriately.  There is one small
fluke though, I can't seem to keep ppp_mppe installed in the kernel.  If i
reboot the linux box and try to log on with a client that requires
encryption I get the standard encryption not supported message.  So I type
insmod ppp_mppe and voila everything works perfectly.  Problem is if I
reboot, I have to do another insmod ppp_mppe.  Seems odd because all the
other modules remain installed.  It isn't a big deal, I can simply add
insmod ppp_mppe to the bootup scripts but I would like the installation
instructions to be as clean as possible.  Does anyone have a method for
forcing ppp_mppe or any module to stay loaded????  Aside from that, all that
is holding up the 5.2 instructions is the translation of the ipchains
firewalling section to ipfwadm.  So, with luck the new instructions will
post this week.

Michael J. Walter mcse
Gliatech, Inc.
walterm at gliatech.com
mwalter at drwalter.com

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