[pptp-server] Beginner Help

Louis Adamich adamichl at foliotrade.com
Tue Aug 24 09:56:57 CDT 1999

I have successfully compiled and installed the poptop server software (I

My first test is a win98 box on the internal net connecting to the pptp
server (no fiirewall in-between).

The box connects and I see the ppp connection come up on the linux box
vi ifconfig.  If I do a ipconfig on the windows box I see the new

I set up the ip-up.local script to add to the arp table and if I do an
arp at the command line I see the ip is in there.

Everything seems good to go except that I cannot ping (or anything else)
between the win98 client and the pptp server.

When I run tcpdump and ping from the pptp server I see GRE stuff fly
by.  If I ping from the win98 box I see nothing on the linux side with

Is there  a configuration problem on the win box or the linux box?

Any suggestions?  What more information does someone need to give me a

Please Help,

Louis Adamich

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