[pptp-server] Samba and PPTP

Gordon Smith gordon at hortauto.co.nz
Thu Dec 2 14:32:31 CST 1999

On Fri, 03 Dec 1999, geoff nordli wrote:
> You have a problem with:
> a) proxyarp is not being initiated.  Look in your logs.
> b) routing.  I will send you the document that was posted
> a while back to help you with this.
> when you can ping, they you know you are very close.

Thanks Geoff,

I agree. It looks like a routing problem. Proxyarp works fine according to the
logs. I'm not too sure on pppd throwing up a heap of "unsupported protocol"
messages. I think it may be the netbios stuff, since it only appears when the
client attempts to explore the network.
I'll also add the wins server definition to the ppp options file, although I
don't think that will help. The IP addresses of the internal name server and
the wins server are specified in the client's vpn setup.

Gordon Smith,  MCP, TCP
Network Administrator

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