[pptp-server] proposed changes to sources

Peter Galbavy Peter.Galbavy at knowledge.com
Sun Jun 6 13:17:06 CDT 1999

After starting to read the source, to try to understand what it is
actually *doign* (as opposed to compile-run-debug-etc.) I noticed
that pptpd.c and in turn pptpd doesn't do much except daemononize
itself and then exec pptpmanager.

I propose to merge these together, so that there are only two
binaries pptpd and pptpctrl. Eventually, we should be able to merge
these two into one binary that just internally forks and calls a
control session instead of needing another binary. Ultimately (sp!) we
could view having the entire thing threaded, with a need to only exec
external ppp(d) processes, and the rest of it could run as a single
monolithic threaded pptpd process. Since I have very little real
experience with POSIX threads, I will leave it to pother to comment on
the viability.

Meanwhile, unless someone can explain why pptpd.c exists as a program
and not just a daemon() function, I will go ahead and merge them.

BSD has a daemon() function that I would like to use if available, and
I will provide a slightly modified version of the code in pptpd.c to
simulate it where not available.

I think it is likely that we are goign to need a compat/ directory for
code which is OS dependent, and build that into a .a file which is
likned against the main program - mainly to help us in debugging and
to stop code pollution. Thoughts ?

Almost done, but who knows about the EMBED code and its uses ?

BTW - last one - can someone who knows the GNU libs better pull in a
version of getopt_long() for just this purpose, since BSD's don't
carry one :(

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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