[pptp-server] Errors 650 629 645

David Luyer luyer at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 7 00:36:51 CDT 1999

> >My Win98 LAN clients work from a clean boot with no problem.  Ditto Win95
> >(with DUN update 1.3 + sockets fix, etc).  Trying it from a dialup here
> Eek!  What is "sockets fix"?

Unrelated to the problem (I hope).  However when I asked a group on campus
who are already doing VPN under NT what was needed for a Win95 client, they
told me to install DUN update 1.3 followed by sockets fix; I think that's
also known as 'ws2setup'.  Don't have a URL for it except intranet ones.
I think it's just a generally recommended thing for anyone still running Win95.

> You suggest it is either a firewall issue or a pppd issue.  Re firewall,
> yes, there is a masquerading router between the linux server and the internet.
> tcp        0      0        ESTABLISHED
> So pptp is a simple single socket protocol, yes?

No.  Look at the entry further down in netstat -na called "raw".

> So I can't see why it should not be treated like any other such protocol?

Because you're looking at the TCP control connection.  PPTP uses more than just
that connection.  Look at pptpgre.c.

> And the fact that this socket does get established when using a dialup
> connection, at least temporarily, surely indicates that this is not the
> source of the problem? [...]

The control connection gets established, the real data connection doesn't I 
suspect.  Your masquerading probably can't handle GRE.

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