[pptp-server] v0.8.10 released!

Thomas Haas haas at softwired-inc.com
Tue Jun 8 08:51:23 CDT 1999


Using NT as client I am still getting the following error: 737 loopback
I have Windows NT SP 5.

It used to work with Win98 clients. All Win98 are out of town right now, so
I cannot test the new release yet.

- tom

Matthew Ramsay wrote:

> Hiya all,
> PoPToP v0.8.10 has been released! Download your copy here:
> http://www.moretonbay.com/vpn/download_pptp.html
> This will probably be the last v0.8.* release. We would *really*
> appreciate it if *you* would download this version of PoPToP and give it
> a thrashing on your system.
> This should be the most stable version of PoPToP yet. Many, many thanks
> to David Luyer who has spent quite some time recently weeding out
> countless problems and solving them all.
> Given that no-one has any major problems with this version of PoPToP,
> v0.9.0 will be released in a day or so.
> See the TODO file (http://www.moretonbay.com/vpn/releases/TODO.txt) for
> where we plan on going from here.
> Here is the ChangeLog:
> v0.8.9 -> v0.8.10
> 8th June, 1999
> - added getopt_long() from GNU libc for use on non-Linux platforms
> - fixed compilation on FreeBSD, Digital Unix and Solaris
> - replaced PPTPD_DEBUG define with configuration option (debug) and
>   command line option (-d/--debug)
> - minor fixes from mailing list
> For all those who do put some time back into PoPToP and test this
> release -- Thankyou!
> Cheers,
> Matt.
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