[pptp-server] Help

Seth Vidal skvidal at skyrunner.net
Wed Jun 9 23:39:19 CDT 1999

> Maybe you can help me.  I am looking to set up a VPN Server that can
> handle 5000 concurrent conections.  The information is not HTTP but
> small packets of about 500-1k bytes with full 128 bit encryption needed
> and talking to NT client.  Do you think that Linux could handle this.  I
> am currently running NT Server with a limit of 255 concurrent VPN's
> (meaning 20 boxes) and have been quoted ~ 27k per box for a tunneling
> router that can handle 2000 VPN connections.  I would love to have
> something a little more home grown.  Thanks.
> -Tim Ott
> tott at qs1.com

are you sure its a vpn server you want and not some sort of modified apache
SSL server

if its large enough and with some kernel tweaks it should be able to handle
that sort of simulataneous load..

what sort of data is being sent.

is it protocol or client specific?
can you webify it?

if you can then I'd say forget VPNing anything and setup a password
protected SSL server.

Are you really trying to extend the internal network around these users or
are you just trying to give them access to some of the data?


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