[pptp-server] v0.8.13 released!

Andrew Cameron andrew at ibi.co.za
Fri Jun 11 05:37:23 CDT 1999


The Draft Defines the following

   Network Access Server (NAS)

      A device providing temporary, on-demand network access to users.
      This access is point-to-point using PSTN or ISDN lines.

   PPTP Access Concentrator (PAC)

      A device attached to one or more PSTN or ISDN lines capable of PPP
      operation and of handling the PPTP protocol. The PAC need only
      implement TCP/IP to pass traffic to one or more PNSs. It may also
      tunnel non-IP protocols.

   PPTP Network Server (PNS)

      A PNS is envisioned to operate on general-purpose computing/server
      platforms. The PNS handles the server side of the PPTP protocol.
      Since PPTP relies completely on TCP/IP and is independent of the
      interface hardware, the PNS may use any combination of IP
      interface hardware including LAN and WAN devices.

The PPTP Server is Clearly the PNS and NOT the PAC


On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, David Luyer wrote:

> > Any Idea on how seen message type 9 will be added. 
> > 
> > 2.9.  Incoming-Call-Request (Message type 9 from
> > draft-ietf-pppext-pptp-10.txt)
> > 
> > The Incoming-Call-Request is a PPTP control message sent by the PAC to
> > the PNS to indicate that an inbound call is to be established from the
> > PAC.  This request provides the PNS with parameter information for the
> > incoming call.
> >From my interpretation, we respond to Outgoing-Call-Requests, which means
> we are a PAC not a PNS and hence we shouldn't respond to
> Incoming-Call-Requests.  The whole draft itself is confusing as it seems to
> be written with different goals it mind (specifically, with ISDN calls and
> so on being established which have nothing to do with PPTP as we know it).
> 2.7.  Outgoing-Call-Request
> The Outgoing-Call-Request is a PPTP control message sent by the PNS to
> the PAC to indicate that an outbound call from the PAC is to be
> established.  This request provides the PAC with information required to
> make the call. It also provides information to the PAC that is used to
> regulate the transmission of data to the PNS for this session once it is
> established.
> David.


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