[pptp-server] Connecting through Linux Firewall

Ed Padin epadin at wagweb.com
Mon Jun 14 11:12:07 CDT 1999

I tried this and it did not work I was able to connect outside the MASQed

 You may be able to do it if you employ a 1 to 1 NAT configuration on your
firewall (see  http://www.csn.tu-chemnitz.de/HyperNews/get/linux-ip-nat.html
) or if you use masq module. I know that there is an FTP masq module to
contend with the fact that active FTP tries to connect back to you. I think
that pptp is doing the same. I know that there is a masquerading module made
for this. I think IPAUTOFW might help.

Anyone solved this one yet?

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> Hello, 
> I am trying to connect to a server from a win95 machine which 
> is Masqed
> behind a Linux firewall. Should this work okay or does it 
> require extra
> configuration on the firewall? 
> Regards, 
> Keith Lawson. 
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