[pptp-server] Re: [pptp-server] Security ?

Allan Clark allanc at sco.com
Tue Jun 22 10:38:59 CDT 1999

Is this something we should ask the authors of the report to consider, or
look at it ourselves?

I haven't done crypto since university... I could take a look, make some
suggestions, but I doubt I would be much help.  Perhaps these guys (Bruce
Schneier and Mudge) could make a better suggestion than I could.  They may
just say "go to IPsec" though...

(BTW Paulo, your english is better than I hear around here...)


pspinto at esoterica.pt (Paulo) wrote:

> [ ... ] the problem is that I'm concerned about security,
> and I've read an article ( http://www.counterpane.com/pptp.html ) that
> points out some security issues on PPTP.
> The question is: does PoPToP suffer from the same issues ? or it's only
> the WinNT Server version of PPTP that's vulnerable ?

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