[pptp-server] Re: [pptp-server] RE: [Pptp] List moved to opensource.captech.com

Christopher Schulte christopher at schulte.org
Wed Jun 23 16:31:55 CDT 1999

The pptp mailing list has NOT been moved.  I am not sure why a message 
stating otherwise was posted.  I have been in communication with Christoph 
Lameter, but he has not been able to explain to my satisfaction why this 
message was posted.  He claims to have set this list up in the first place 
(not true) and he claims that I have been hijacking his subscribers (not true).

Please ignore the previous message on this subject and all further which 
may come, unless from Matthew Ramsay or myself.  Matthew has the final say 
of matters of this nature.

I'm really sorry for any confusion this may have caused.  I wish I could 
explain why it happened.

At 08:03 AM 6/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
 >Could someone update the Poptop web page with this info.  Any new
 >subscribers will miss this.
 >Ron MacNeil
 >-----Original Message-----
 >From:	pptp-admin at opensource.captech.com
 >[mailto:pptp-admin at opensource.captech.com] On Behalf Of Christoph Lameter
 >Sent:	June 21, 1999 4:58 PM
 >To:	pptp at opensource.captech.com
 >Subject:	[Pptp] List moved to opensource.captech.com
 >The pptp list has been moved to
 >pptp at opensource.captech.com
 >for help on how to subscribe/unsubscribe etc send a request with "help" in
 >the body to pptp-request at opensource.captech.com
 >Web Interface is available at
 >Connectivity and support have been vastly improved. In my new position as
 >the Manager for Open Systems Technology at CapTech I have resources
 >available to make sure that future operations will be much smoother in the
 >future. More announcements to follow.
 >Mail to pptp at debs.fuller.edu will be forwarded to
 >pptp at opensource.captech.com but it is not clear how long the system will
 >stay in place since I will be no longer maintaining the system.
 >Please update the locations of the mailing list and how to
 >subscribe/unsubscribe whereever necessary.
 >Christoph Lameter <christoph at lameter.com>

Christopher Schulte
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