[pptp-server] RE: [pptp-server] Is PopTop for me?

Peter Brooks pnb at rla.com.au
Thu Jun 24 02:22:54 CDT 1999

The advantages of using PPTP over those other solutions is that WIN95/98 
can do PPTP at zero cost, the client setup is simple and the result is 
fully integrated and transparent to the user. The disadvantage is that it's 
not particularly secure, but for our LAN usage it would suffice.
The question is, can Poptop do PPTP over ethernet? If it can't, then I will 
have to consider other (expensive) alternatives such as SSH.


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> Hello.
> I would like to provide a encrypted POP connection between Win95/98 
> and a Linux POP server, all of which are part of our small TCP/IP 
> connected LAN. Is Poptop able to provide this capability, ie PPTP service 

> over an ethernet LAN connection rather than a PPP link? How would it be
> configured to do so? Does PopTop encryption function?

Have a look at Secure Shell (SSH) or APOP (Authenticated POP, I don't know
whether this encrypts everything however).  I think those would be more
suitable in this case as pptp.


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