[pptp-server] Re: [pptp-server] PPTP and Dial up PoPToP server

David Luyer luyer at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Sun Jun 27 23:54:59 CDT 1999

> The questions: 
> 	- Is this 'normal' ?? shouldn't PPTP 'see' that PPPD is already up ?

The different pppd's should be independent.
> 	- Is there a way to workaround this ? I mean, is it possible to have a
> PoPToP server running over a dial up connection ?

It should just work.  The pppd on ttyp2 shouldn't care that there's a pppd
on ttyS1.  Have you accidentally left the device name specified in a config
file somewhere, so it tries to use ttyS1?


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