[pptp-server] v0.8.1 *hackers only* release

Matthew Ramsay matthewr at moreton.com.au
Fri May 7 00:33:53 CDT 1999

PoPToP v0.8.1 has been released.. but strictly for hackers only.. there
are a lot of code changes and minor bug fixes.. unfortunately
autoconf/automake has been broken (but will be fixed for v0.8.2). This
version has 3 individual binaries as well.. not the single pptpd.


v0.8.0 -> v0.8.1 (hackers release)
4th May 1999

- PPTPD no longer relies on a signal (which had the potential to cause
    a race condition) to know when to launch PPPD/GRE. The CTRL session
    no longer relies on a signal to return from a fork. Signalling has
    now been replaced with IPC between PPTPD and CTRL sessions.
- The GRE/PPPD sessions are now launched *after* an OUT_CALL_RPLY is
    not before it.
- CTRL and PPTP managers are now seperate from PPTPD

That is all!

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