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Bryan Dumm bryan at bcpub.com
Fri May 7 12:41:49 CDT 1999


I just signed up to the list, and haven't played 
with the linux pptp software yet, but for your
multiple ip question, have you used dhcp before?
You can setup a scope of ips to give out to your 
clients. Each time a client signs on with pptp it
takes an ip from the dhcp pool and assign it to the
client. Would that help???


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> From: Seth Vidal [mailto:skvidal at new-era.com]
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> Subject: [pptp-server] message archive.
> is there an archive of this mailing list anywhere?
> If not is there a good way to hand out multiple addresses 
> instead of just
> one in the configuration file?
> I'm trying to get some win 98/nt clients to access the 
> internal network via
> pptp and I need to setup multiple client ips.
> any ideas?
> -sv

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