[pptp-server] First try.....

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Fri May 7 19:34:52 CDT 1999

To address most of the questions you folks asked:

The "cannot bind address" error most likely means that you still have some
components of the server running after a failed connection. check for
processes like "pptpd" "pppd" and anything that mentions GRE or GTRL
CONNECTION. If no such processes are active, Wait a minute or so and try
again. The error is due to a TIME_WAIT timeout condition, which is a feature
of TCP/IP, and cannot be avoided. When i finish a call, i do this:

killall pptpd
ps x
kill -9 <pid of pppd>

and it usually works after that. try:
pptpd; ps x
to run it, if you see any mention of zombie processes, then you got the
ctrl: couldn't bind error. Kill stuff and try again. :)

At present, this software is still in development and needs to be killed and
restarted after each connection. We're working on fixing that.

Also, multiple connection support has not been added yet. As I mentioned
before, this software is still in development. Our initial goal was to get
it WORKING, which it now does. Now that we've gotten win9x support added,
our two main objectives at present are enabling multiple calls, and
recovering after client disconnection.

If you REALLY need support for the above, we're open to patches ;)

Kevin Thayer

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> I've downloaded the PPTP stuff and seem to have it working. Using most
> of the defaults and debugging enabled, I get the following errors.
> PTPD ttydev = /dev/ttya3
> PPTPD GRE conncection waiting for lights to change
> PPTPD CTRL: couldn't bind address
> PPTPD CTRL: connection falied...
> PPTPD Adios
> I can't find anything in the documentation that refers to the error of
> "couldn't bind to address". I've tried changing the remote and local
> IP address but that didn't seem to have an effect. Any suggestions?
> Kevin
> kbmetz at omeninc.com

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