[pptp-server] Multiple Connections Fixed

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Mon May 17 22:42:10 CDT 1999

Hey everyone, we will be releasing poptop v 0.8.5 tonight (remember, matt's
in australia, so it could be early in the morning in other parts of the
world before he gets it out)

The official changelog will be out later, but here's a preview:

New features include:
Multiple connections work (yay)
Disconnecting/Reconnecting will work (yay!).
The server will stay up after disconnecting, making it at least semi-fit for
real use =) (YEAH!)

Things that got broken:
Some of the debug logging doesn't work, this will be fixed soon.
Sometimes a stray process gets left over, It doesn't affect anything, just
ignore it =)

Ip addresses are no longer configurable and are hardcoded in the following
local ip addresses are through 192.168.0.(max hits +1)
remote ip addresses are through 192.168.1.(max hits +1)

This WILL be fixed in future releases, but if you need to fix it *now*, the
values are on (or near) line 130 in pptpmanager.c. Just change the strings
to suit your purposes.

Encryption is still on our list of things to do and is NOT SUPPORTED YET.

Since we get asked this question a lot, here's how to set up CHAP
(login/password ONLY) encryption:

if you are using CHAP (the "require encrypted passwords" option in win9x) be
sure to set up your chap-secrets file (/etc/ppp/chap-secrets)

the format is as follows:

username      poptop server name      password      IP addresses (just put a

so if my username was fred, my password wilma, and my linux box was named
bedrock, my chap secrets would look like:

fred      wilma      bedrock       *

DO NOT forget the * or it won't work.

Then, in your ppp options file (either /etc/ppp/options or as defined in the
/etc/pptpd.conf file) put the line:
(note: older versions of pppd use +chap instead, read your man page for your

Kevin Thayer

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