[pptp-server] PPTP CTRL Connection

Thane Brooker thane at principle.co.uk
Wed May 26 17:06:10 CDT 1999

I only found pptp server a few days ago - just what is needed.

I find the same problem - if the client doesn't do a graceful disconnect
just turn off or unplug) then PPPD will terminate but the ctrl
stays open.  As a fast workaround, could you pass the PID number of ctrl
connection to PPPD (by appending "iiparam PIDNUMBER" to the command line
calls pppd).  Then when I run my ip-down script, I can kill the
ctrl-connection as well.

This also has the benefit that you could use the timeout in pppd to
close the

Ideally ctrl connection would monitor the pppd demon, and terminate
when pppd dies, but I guess that would require quite a bit more work.

I would write something myself but C is not my strongpoint.

Thane Brooker

Seth Vidal wrote:

> I have several (3-4) PPTP CTRL Connection processes left over after users
> disconnect? is this normal? It hasn't caused any problems but its been
> annoying.
> -sv
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