[pptp-server] NT error 718: timeout?

Gunnar Hellekson gunnar at trilux.com
Fri May 28 21:17:58 CDT 1999

> looks like your firewall is rejecting something. check your filtering rules

   That doesn't seem to be it -- I tried again with those packets allowed,
   and it went through fine.  Besides, I'm not sure how useful netbios
   packets are when you're establishing a pptp session.

> check the sample conf file that came with 0.8.6

   Done.  Still no joy, but I did try a tcpdump, and found these:

21:52:24.022702 gre-proto-0x880B (gre encap)
21:52:27.032702 gre-proto-0x880B (gre encap)
21:52:30.042702 gre-proto-0x880B (gre encap)

   Any hints here?  Does the pptp server need to be handling these gre

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