[pptp-server] some more notes/questions

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Mon May 31 21:08:43 CDT 1999

pppd syslogs everything to /var/log/messages (that's the default on my box
anyways) and it will say something like :
pppd[15450]: CHAP peer authentication succeeded for <username>

you could do a tail /var/log/messages -n2000 | grep CHAP if you wanted to
see who has been logging in.

other than that, there's not much i know of. all the authentication is
provided by pppd (if you don't have an auth or a require-chap (or pap, etc.)
option, it doesn't even ask for a username.


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> how do I go about checking who is logged in via tunnel?
> I need some way of writing the pppd data to wtmp/utmp.
> (and not sessreg either)
> does anyone know of any way of doing this via ppp?
> thanks
> -sv
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