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Christopher Kuhl chrisk at ciris.net
Fri Nov 5 16:49:54 CST 1999

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Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: [LRP] cant ping the client and others

>I finally got it working today, and as always, the answer was simple to fix
>but hard to find.  It turns out the the firewall was stopping it.  I add
>"ipfwadm -F -a accept -W eht0" to let the router forward back out on my
>network and boom, problem solved.  No hardware problem, no routing problem.
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>Date: Thursday, November 04, 1999 7:04 PM
>Subject: Re: [LRP] cant ping the client and others
>>Since you've posted this question several times without getting a
>>I assume there aren't any experts on this stuff hanging out on this list.
>>I'm no expert, but my next project will be to implement one of the VPN
>>technologies, so I took a little tilme to look over your setup. Bearing in
>>mind my limited expertise here, I have one thought ...
>>How are these two routers actually connected? You show them as connected
>>through "internet", which I intrepret to mean that each connects to an
>>and the ISPs find a route between the two LANs. Under that assumption,
>>is the "remote ip that is passed by pppd" address you are giving to the
>>client? I would normally think of this phrase as referring to the ISP's
>>of the PPP connection to the client. If that is what you mean, why would
>>that host know how to route to your private subnet-10 network on the other
>>end? I would think that each of the routers needs the ppp address of the
>>other router here (or they need to be masq'd, which you say works, at
>>after a fsahion).
>>Apologies in advance if I've misinterpreted your posting. I'll be happy to
>>take a closer look at your configuration if you're interested, but pleas
>>understand that I'm offering because I need to figure this stuff out too,
>>not because I already have any great expertise in it. Good luck in any
>>At 02:07 PM 11/4/99 -0600, Christopher Kuhl wrote [in part]:
>>My setup is this:
>>>PTP client( network(
>>>I am using poptop on one side and the linux pptp client on the other.
>>>I connect to the Poptop server with a Windows machine I can ping and use
>>>entire network fine.  But from the linux pptp client, I can only ping the
>>>Poptop router(ping and vice versa.  I can not ping other
>>>machines on the remote network.  I changed my ip-up and down scripts to
>>>and delete routes like this
>>>Poptop side:
>>>route add -net netmask gw $5 $1   ;  $5 is the
>>>address I am giving the client router.
>>>Cleint side:
>>>route add -net netmask gw $5 $1   ; $5 is the
>>>remote ip that is passed by pppd.
>>>I checked my routing tables, and they are correct.  I also delete these
>>>routes when ip-down runs.
>>[rest deleted]
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