[pptp-server] pptp/pppd issue

Gord Belsey gord at amador.ca
Fri Nov 12 11:28:38 CST 1999

I'm having a problem, and I hope someone here can help.

I have a PoPToP server set up with 1.0 code and ppd ver 2.3.8.  I have 2 clients connecting to it, using C. S. Ananain's pptp linux client 1.0.2.  These clients both use the pppd that comes with Red Hat 6.0, ver 2.3.7.  I believe my problem is with ppd. I've added, lcp timeouts in options to clean up a broken pipe, which works on both ends.  I found the client side approach of just killing the pppd PID left a broken pipe.

On the server, I've set up ip-up.local and ip-down.local for pppd,  to do some setup and cleanup.  This is working great.  

I've done the same on the client side, but it never reads ip-up.local or ip-down.local.  I've added some echo messages to verify what's happening.  When I start a pptp client session, ip-up runs, then ip-down, then ip-up runs again, then the session starts.  Everything appears to be ok with the session.  When I bring the session down, ip-down doesn't run.  Regardless, ip-up.local and ip-down.local don't run when ip-up/ip-down run.  

Kas anyone come across this issue?  Any idea for fixes?  I'm thinking of upgrading to pppd 2.3.8 (seems like an obvious approach) but if anyone has anything to say about this I'd appreciate it.

On another note, I want to set up the client to automatically restart if it fails.  There's a LAN behind the client side so if it drops I want it to re-open the pipe.  Anybody tried this yet???


Gord Belsey  

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