[pptp-server] pptp though 2 firewalls

Kirk Davis kbd at ndx.net
Tue Nov 30 23:35:44 CST 1999

Thanks for the pointer.


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You need the "VPN Masquerade" kernel patch on the Linux box:


-Jordan Russell

In a message dated 11/30/99 9:35:19 PM Central Standard Time, kbd at ndx.net 

> Hi all,
>  I'm having trouble with the following configuration:
>  Win98        Linux            Linux Server
>  System ----> NAT Gateway ---->Running pptpd--->*
>      (Subnet A)        (Internet)            (Subnet B)
>  I see a initial connect in the pptpd log when I initiate 
>  the connection on the Win98 system. But this connection 
>  ultimately times out and fails.
>  When I connect my Win98 system directly to the Internet,
>  I'm able to bring up the virtual network with out a problem.
>  Is it possible to configure NAT to handle pptp? Thanks for
>  any pointers.
>  Kirk

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