[pptp-server] unable to ping hosts on network

Geoff Nordli geoff at gnaa.net
Sun Oct 17 15:12:47 CDT 1999

some more information.

Proxy_arp, and ip_forward have the value of 1 in the proc
file system.

In regards to the client not being able to connect with
an encrypted tunnel.

The ppp_mpppe module is loaded



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> Subject: [pptp-server] unable to ping hosts on network
> I have attached my pptplog describing a session.
> I am unable to ping into the network.
> Any ideas why this might happen? 
> The proxy arp is eth0, which is the internal
> network (, which I assume is correct,
> since I think it is responsible for replying 
> ARP requests on local network.
> I actually had it working temporarily last night,
> but then it broke. 
> thanks,
> BTW I am also unable to get the encryption set up
> with the NT 4 SP5 client.  It says,  "the local
> computer does not support encryption".
> Any ideas with that?
> Geoff Nordli

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