[pptp-server] IPX + PPTP HOWTO v 0.1

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Fri Sep 3 22:49:40 CDT 1999

just a quick fyi, I tried tiberian sun out over the local network (via pptp
and ipx of course) and got a game started no problem. I'll be trying it over
the modem next week sometime (maybe monday?) no special configuration other
than what is here was needed, the only requirement i could find for tiberian
sun was that the ports needed to be the same.

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> Due to popular demand, here's my first shot at a PPTP IPX howto.
> Why use IPX when TCP is so much easier to setup and better understood by
> almost all? I can think of 2 reasons off the top of my head: Games and
> Security.
> Lots of games use IPX/SPX for networking, and some of the newer ones
> (Tiberian Sun [ahem]) only support TCP/IP via their own game servers, but
> support peer-to-peer IPX. So it would be great to VPN in to your friend's
> network and fire up a game of whatever without having to use some online
> server somewhere. Security comes into play because even IF someone can
> through your firewall, they are using TCP/IP and if you only have IPX on
> other end, they CANNOT get any packets through anyways.
> So how do i do it?
> here's my setup, PLEASE try it on your end and advise me of differences
> your version of the kernel and pppd etc etc..
> Redhat 6.0 out of the box (kernel 2.2.5-15)
> latest pptpd as of today (9-3-99) which is 0.9.14
> pppd 2.3.8
> ipxtools from the redhat 6.0 CD (ipxutils2.2.0.12-5.i386.rpm)
> ipxripd from somewhere on the internet(ipxripd-0.7-1.i386.rpm)
> note: this assumes you are using eth0 for your network and already have
> up and running on it.
> So what do I need to do?
> 1) Load kernel ipx modules..
> [insmod /lib/modules/misc/ipx.o] you can skip this if you compiled it in.
> 2)Tell the IPX subsystem what settings to use
> [/sbin/ipx_configure --auto_primary on]
> [/sbin/ipx_configure --auto_interface on]
> it's nice to have automatic settings to fall back on in case you screw up
> [/sbin/ipx_internal_net add 1 2]
> this sets internal net number to 1, and internal node number to 2. I try
> to reuse number as it makes debugging easier
> 3) bring the ipx interface up
> [/usr/bin/ipx_interface add eth0 802.2 3]
> 4) Check to make sure it worked
> [/usr/bin/ipx_interface check eth0 802.2]
> you should see something like:
> IPX Address for (eth0, 802.2) is 00000003:00000002.
> 5) start the routing daemon
> [/usr/sbin/ipxd]
> Now all that remains is to setup pppd for ipx. This is pretty easy
> to the last part.
> Edit the pppd options file that you use for pptp (or make a new one, or
> the default one. Whatever one you use, edit it) and add the lines:
> ---add these lines--
> ipx
> ipx-network 4
> ---done adding lines--
> and save the file.
> Fire up pptpd and make sure your clients have IPX checked in their dial up
> settings. That's it! Easy eh?
> Warning: IPX may be VERY slow over dialup pptp connections. It might be a
> good idea to do the old start->run \\computername trick to let ARP know
> mac address of the other machine before you run your game.
> anyone wanna try some sort of IPX network game to test all this out? My
> works' test is to connect to a windows share on a computer running only
> from a computer running ipx for dialup only (without the vpn connection it
> can't see the other computer at all, but with it they talk just fine)
> Kevin
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