[pptp-server] Req: pppd patch to strip MS <DOMAIN>\\

Steve Rhodes srhodes at cpinternet.com
Thu Sep 9 12:26:38 CDT 1999

I'm happy that this worked OK for you.  I would assume that the pppd stuff 
is GPL'd open source.  As far as the patch goes, whatever you want to do 
with it is fine, I don't put any kind of copyright or license on it.

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On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Steve Rhodes wrote:

> This is a very quick hack I did, which can obviously be improved upon. 
> actually is applied against chap.c in the pppd code.  I am including the
> patch in the body of this message which should be run against the source
> code at patch level 0 from within the same directory.  If you name the
> patch chap.diff and put it into ppp-2.3.8/pppd, you can say
> patch -p0 < chap.diff.

Belated thanks Steve - this patch appears to do the trick nicely.

For completeness, could you please confirm the copyright/licensing for
this piece of code.


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