[pptp-server] newcommer and question !

Emmanuel PIERRE epierre at e-nef.com
Sun Sep 19 12:58:43 CDT 1999

tmk wrote:

> What are the errors you get? you really need to be MUCH more specific about
> your problem.. simply saying 'it's not working' isnt very useful.


what do I need to make it up through IP connection so ?

the FAQ isn't clear about it

> PPP is needed because it is used to do the actual network transport in
> between the client and server. Basically (and this is just a concept) pptp
> creates a virtual modem using the internet and calls teh server from the
> client. Just like a modem, it needs ppp to talk to the other side.

and an explication like your would be better in the FAQ ;-)

well, ther is an example for pptp client to connect a NT server, but how can I
do that with a Linux PPTP server ?



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