[pptp-server] some little questions

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Tue Sep 21 18:04:54 CDT 1999

> if one user is connected
> and and other call occur and try to use the same username
> how can i denied this this new connection

i think you need to do external authentication (radius or whatever) for
this to work. ppp auth support is kind of weak.

> ok now mppe-40 work fine
> how can i use mppe-128 ?
> is mppe-128 need services pack 5 on NT?
> win 95/98 support 128 bits ?

there is no 128bit NT5 service pack as far as i know.. You need to prove
to MS that you are a US or canada resident for them to give you the 128bit
stuff. it has to do with us export controls.


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