[pptp-server] spam

chris at pds2k.com chris at pds2k.com
Sat Apr 1 07:58:28 CST 2000

I discovered this free service called eLOL, electronic Laugh Out Loud
that sends jokes to you every day. It uses some sort of "smart technology" that learns your sense of humor.
This "spam" joke is so funny I had to send it to you.

 Check this link to view the joke: http://www.elol.com/site/ViewJoke?title=spam&url=05/600028.gif&name=CTarricone 
 By registering for eLOL today you're automatically entered to WIN A BRAND NEW PALM V. 
 eLOL not only delivers the best jokes on the net, it actually learns your sense of humor and sends the jokes you'll like most.
	Download is availabe from http://www.elol.com/download/

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