[pptp-server] VPN question

Matt Bohling mbandjb at netzero.net
Wed Apr 5 15:06:35 CDT 2000

  I have a similar problem as others on the list.  I think this question will be rather easy to figure out since I see that others on the PoPToP email list have had similar problems.  I am using PoPToP on a Cobalt Qube Linux Server.  The Qube has WINS enabled through a setting in a web administrative interface.  Thus I did not add the line to the /etc/ppp/options files as was suggested by Steve Cowles to another subscriber to the list in the below quote.
"2) on your poptop server, /etc/ppp/options must contain a "ms-wins" directive which is set to the IP address of the WINS server. This IP address will be sent to the client when they establish their PPTP connection."
I didn't add the line suggested above because I didn't know what the format of the line should be.  However, if my workstations on my internal network are WINS enabled and point to the Qube as their WINS server, I seem to be able to ping them just fine through my tunnel.  I cannot however, see them in Network Neighborhood.  Perhaps adding this line to the ../options file would facilitate this.
  PoPToP is installed correctly (as best as I can tell) and I'm able to establish a tunnel.  I can ping the Linux server by name and a WINS enabled workstation on my internal network by name.  However, I am unable to map a drive to a share on the same workstation that I can ping by name.  I have a Win 95 computer with the DUN 1.3 upgrade installed.  Any ideas why I can't map the drive?  Could this be related to why I don't see any workstations in Network Neighborhood.

matt bohling  

matt bohling
mbandjb at netzero.net 

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