[pptp-server] Cannot connect behing Shiva VPN Server

Kevin Swail kswail at leweb.qc.ca
Sun Apr 16 16:01:40 CDT 2000

Hi there,

I was hoping someone could shed some light on a problem I am having trying
to connect to PopTop from my office.

I set up PopTop on my Linux box at home, and tested it on the internal
network with no problems.
I tried dialing up from a laptop to the internet, and successfully connected
as well.

My problem is connecting from my office, which uses private ips, behind a
SHIVA VPN server, which masqerades for the internal hosts.

I can successfully connect and get to the point where I see the "verifying
username and password" message, then after about 15 seconds, get the error
"Error 619: the specified port is not connected."

I imagine (not too sure), that the PPTP protocol is connecting just fine,
and that GRE is not getting back into the office network?!?!?!  Is this what
is happening?  What can I do to resolve this?

Thanks to all!


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