[pptp-server] Truly newbie

Iván Montoro Ten ivanm at knowgate.com
Thu Apr 20 23:50:01 CDT 2000

Hi all,

First of all let me say this VPN implementation is one of the easiest I've
seen. Since I'm realy newbie to Linux and VPN I'm realy glad of getting
something that works.

Second, and before my question, I'll introduce myself. My name is Ivan
Montoro and I'm junion system administrator in a little corporation in
Spain. Someone told me he wants to work from another office via Internet
with Microsoft VPN.

Then, my question: I've followed all steps in RedHat-Howto and my VPN works
fine (well, some minor errors). The only thing I'm not sure if it's my fault
or document's is I have to insmod mppe each time I start VPN daemon via
pptpd.init. Well, just a comment.

Then for testing I've set up a Windows 95 with VPN, and called a local ISP.
Then I run my VPN connection to linux box and connects! I can ping my
"virtual" address ( and remote "vitual" address (
I can also telnet linux box to check out connection, and snooping I see
crypted data. But then I can't ping any other host on my network and can't
open \\SERVER\resource. I think I need to setup also ipchains to masquerade
this IP... Is that the problem?

Another little thing is if I can use my domain security to feed in some way
/etc/ppp/chap.secrets, so security is managed through my PDC. That's a minor
problem, but anti-linux people here will attack penguin's OS by that way.

Thanks a lot in advice,

Ivan Montoro

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