[pptp-server] PPTP FreeBSD Routing/Netmask

Dave Mills MillsD at datametrics.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 03:17:35 CDT 2000


I'm using pptpd on FreeBSD in my DMZ., allocating ip's from the DMZ to
users.  The router in between the DMZ and protected net allows (for the
moment) all access to the protected net. My problems are two-fold :

1.	The tunnel is showing a netmask of to my W2K box and
a netmask of to an NT box, the actual netmask of the network is Is there any way of forcing this?? I have tried adding
netmask to the ppp.conf.

2.	It seems that ALL data from the client is being passed to the VPN
server and creating a hell of a lot of traffic, if I remove the "Use default
gateway...." option on the client, the clients cannot get to the protected
network! Can I force an addition to the routing table on the client, or is
there some other way of doing this. I guess I really need to have packets
from the DMZ and protected networks (totally different IP range) passed down
the tunnel and all other traffic out onto the net from the client.


PS, Does anyone know if MPPE patches are available for FreeBSD's pppd ? The
Linux ones won't compile, and I can see anyone in the archives who actually
made this work

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