[pptp-server] Win2k - 128 fine -- Win98 only 40

Bill A. ballaire at lightband.com
Wed Apr 26 18:42:49 CDT 2000

Hi all,
   Had no problems getting PopTop up and running.  Put in the
High-Encryption pack for Win2k and I get 128-bit stateless encryption.  I
wish I could say the same for Windows 98.  As per the instructions I
downloaded the VPN update.  I have no problem connected and accessing shared
drives on the subnet behind the server, I just cannot get 128-bit.  Here are
some things I've done:

- Downloaded VPN Update
- Downloaded High-Encryption (128-bit) for Win98
- Did the three-step install/uninstall/install instructions for MS VPN
- Put "ForceStrongEncryption" into the registry after the above didn't work

I did see a link in the archives for 128-bit upgrade for NT that also had
one for 98 in the pull-down list box and that refuses to install,
complaining of a wrong version of DUN.  I finally located the DUN40.exe and
that won't install either and mentions 40-bit which I already have.

I usually keep up on the updates on the MS site so I'm sure my system is
quite a state of disarray.  I don't want to reinstall 98 to try and get
things working from a "clean" system.  Any ideas? Is there a certain way to
install each package required? The fact that Win2k gets 128 tells me
everything appears OK on the Linux box.


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