[pptp-server] PAP Radius authentication for pppd

Thierry Coutelier Thierry.Coutelier at linux.lu
Fri Apr 28 11:10:18 CDT 2000

I wrote a small script that makes pap authentication 
   and sets the IP address.
It uses radiusclient and works at least with XT-Radius
(schould work with any radius server)

You should be able to download it from:

It's not much and not documented yet.

You need radiusclient libraries.

You decompress the file in the source directory of pppd and
compile/install it:

cd ppp-2.3.11/pppd
tar xzvf papradius-1.0.0.tgz
cd plugins
make install

In your /etc/ppp/options you add:

plugin /usr/local/lib/papradius.so

I'm working on the chapradius module but this one is more tricky as I 
   had to add a hook myself. 

Thierry Coutelier

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