[pptp-server] pptpd.conf localip and remoteip parameters...

Gord Belsey gord at amador.ca
Tue Aug 1 08:20:27 CDT 2000

Hi Jean-Francios:

The local-ip and remoteip settings in pptpd.conf tell the PoPToP server what
ip addresses to allocate to each client connection.  If you look at ifconfig
when you have a pptp (ppp) connection up, you'll see the ip address of the
server end (inet addr) and the remote (client)  end P-t-P).  pptpd will
assign these addresses based on what you have configured.

The local-ip setting is the range of addresses pptpd can use to assingn the
inet addr (local) end of the ppp connection, and remote-ip is the range of
addresses pptpd will assign to the remote end.  In my case, my inside (LAN)
addressing is  I use localip and remoteip in pptpd.conf.  So, the first pptp client will get assign for the PoPToP end of the ppp connection and assigned for the client end of the ppp connection.  I hope this
makes it clearer.

A couple of things to note.....in /etc/ppp/options, I have proxyarp as one
of the settings.  This "maps" the address for the server end to the LAN
interface, so it acts like that address is "on" the LAN. Kind of a
simplistic explanation, but it's important.  Also in /etc/ppp/options I have
ipcp-accept-remote and ipcp-accept-local.  Here's how the ipcp-accept-remote
comes into play:

On the client, I also have ipcp-accept-remote and ipcp-accept-local in
/etc/ppp/options.  When I start my client, I specify the ip address I want
to use for the client end.  So, even though the pptp server is configured to
assign the ip address to the client, it pptpd over-rides that and uses the
ip address specified.  The only reason I do this is for management.  I have
several clients connecting, and it's easier to assign a specific address to
each of them so I can put them in my name server.

I've seen different approches to how people choose the addresses for the vpn
connections on this list.  Maybe someone else has some comments and/or

I hope this helps to answer your question, and give you some ideas of how
you can configure your server and clients.  Good luck.

Gord Belsey
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Subject: [pptp-server] pptpd.conf localip and remoteip parameters...

> Hi,
> I have a hard time understanding both these parameters (localip and
> remoteip) and what they should contain.
> The setup I am trying to achieve:
> Linux box at home:
> eth0: internal NIC
> eth1: @Home address
> Samba
> firewall installed on eth1:
> other computers IPs are on 192.168.1.* subnet
> I would like to have the remote connection land on this same subnet, what
> should be these parameters (localip and remoteip) be containing?
> Regards
> Jean-Francois Gagnon
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