[pptp-server] PopTop on same box as firewall

Scott M. Stone sstone at taos.com
Thu Aug 10 16:43:39 CDT 2000

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Dan Daffer wrote:

> Is it possible to install PopTop on the same box as a firewall using 
> ipchains? The firewall is masqing several windows and linux clients. If 
> so, I assume I will need to rebuild the kernel with the masqing patches. 
> Is this correct? 

I've set this up.. it's easy.  not much to do with ipchains.  you don't
need the vpn-masq patches at all since you're not masquerading that,
you're connecting directly to the firewall's external interface (the
'real' ip) from the outside.

> Also, any recommendations as to whether installing PopTop on the 
> firewall is a good idea?

don't see that it's any better or worse than any other way.  certainly
easier to do it that way, as well.

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