[pptp-server] Routing Problem

Francisco Franco ffranco at interlog.com
Wed Dec 20 09:05:19 CST 2000

Hi Folks,

I am running the POPTOP and I am able to connect to the network using
VPN.  I can access the immediate network on the other side of the
firewall, however, I want to connect to another network on the inside of

my network.  I started to address this problem by adding a routing entry

to the firewall machine and now I am able to ping that network and
machines in that network is able to ping the firewall machine.

However, when I dial-up with VPN, I am unable to take advantage of the
routing tables on the dial-up machine.  I have tried to add the route to

windows without success.  Here is the example:

                                                _______  Can't get here.

S --------------- X --------------- X ------------- T
My VPN            Firewall       ^  Internal        Target
Client            PC             |  Router
                                I can get here and see
                                all the devices in this

Part of options.pptp includes the following:


Any suggestions?

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