[pptp-server] Newbie configuration problems: 629 Error

Pat Sorgard psorgard at telusplanet.net
Wed Feb 2 01:21:20 CST 2000

Hi all,

The question I have is regarding external internet access to our network. I currently have a Linux machine running Caldera 2.3 with a 2.14 kernel. I've configured the PopTop server, masquerading, firewall and proxy on it and everything works fine except can't dial in and connect to the Poptop server. However, I can connect to it from an internal client without dialup so I don't think it's a problem with my options or other config files.

I've duplicated the installation of the PopTop server on my machine at home and can connect to it fine using MS VPN + dialup software. My home setup has one single cable modem connection, whereas work the setup at work has a lan connection and a static ip internet adsl connection. After going through the archives I've found scattered references to this problem but can't seem to avoid the 629 error connecting.

Also I've run tcpdump on the internet connection and the firewall rules are allowing the 1723 port through but it just ends there. I checked the pptpd.log files and there is no indication that the connection ever made it that far. 

I think that the problem is either with my routing setup and/or the masquerading of the internal clients externally. The only other thing I haven't tried is recompiling the pptpd and pptpctrl with debug and attaching to the running daemon and seeing if the forward of 1723 is actually getting there and, if not, where exactly it is going. I've run pptpd with the debug flag on and listening on the internet connection but they don't tell me anything if the dialup connection never makes it through.

I this is a fairly standard setup from what reading I've done so I'm sure it is something stupid I've done.

Any suggestions or possibly a generic route config example for this type of setup would be greatly appreciated.


Pat Sorgard

psorgard at motioncanada.com

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