[pptp-server] Some Dumb PPTP Testing Tricks ... a cheat sheet

Chuck Flink cwf at att.net
Fri Feb 4 16:15:00 CST 2000

On 1/31, Mike Barsalou posted a set of step-wise instructions 
on how to setup PoPToP on on RedHat Linux.  His good work,
plus the number of "newbie" questions posted, inspired me to
put together the following web page documenting some of the
"Dumb PPTP Testing Tricks" I used lately.  It covers the client-
side of the problem, not PoPToP or Linux, so it is complementary,
not a replacement for Mike's cheat sheet.  Thanks again, Mike.

I hope it helps:

Note:  Those are underscores, not blanks, in the URL.
Underlining of valid URL strings hides the underscores in my
mail reader.... if so on yours, you should be able to just "click"
to jump to my page.

- Chuck Flink  cwf at att.net  www.infosecana.com
- Information Security Analysis LLC  (336)852-3329

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