[pptp-server] VPN w/ Win98 and pptpd 1.0.0

Brian Lalor blalor at netDrives.com
Tue Jan 4 12:03:09 CST 2000

Hey all.  I'm making progress little by little...

I've got a Win98 notebook I'm trying to configure to use our VPN from the
road.  I've successfully gotten it to connect to the pptpd from within the
local network (a simple test to make sure the software's working
properly).  The problem I've got is when using the modem to call a local
ISP and then connect to the VPN from there.  

First I call the ISP.  Networking's working properly.
Next I bring up the Dialup Networking profile for the VPN.  It seems to
connect to the pptpd, but Windows then gives an error dialog with 
	Error 645: The Microsoft Dial-Up Adapter is in use or not
	responding properly.
	Disconnect other connections and then try again.
	If this problem persists, shut down and restart your computer.

The boilerplate MS response to *every* friggin' problem is reboot.

So, what's the proper way to initiate a VPN connection via a dialup
connection (modem)?

Thanks in advance,

Brian Lalor, Web Honkey
blalor at netDrives.com
607-272-5650 x7167

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