[pptp-server] State-based Firewall and VPN Server on One Box?

Robinson, Eric R. erobinson at dot.state.nv.us
Thu Jan 13 18:36:24 CST 2000

When you say you're using W2K for a "NAT/PPTP basic firewall," does that
mean it's providing VPN services as well? Ans what do you mean by "basic?"

Looking forward to some expansion on that part.


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Check out www.rampnet.com products.  I used an early one for demand-
dialed ISDN (128k) access to MSN for a couple of years and found it a quite
satisfactory NAT for a half-dozen developers in my lab.  It was then about
$600.  Today, if they arn't a good bit cheaper, it's because sales are
the price up.  It should be as cheap or cheaper than what you can make
on your own... no disk, no floppy, remote admin from any PC on your LAN,
built-in 10BaseT hub, etc.  Mine was about the size of a cable modem.
(I see they now have a more expensive models designated as firewalls.)

Don't get me wrong:  I love Linux and look forward to there being a well
packaged single-floppy Linux with NAT, PPTP, etc.  ....and it's coming.
But if you want to buy something off-the-shelf that supports PPTP, NAT,
additional firewall features, etc. from a concern that's been around
for a while, I recommend this one.

P.S.  I'm looking forward to seeing the other postings on this.  I'm
using a RC-2 Windows 2000 Pro as a NAT/PPTP basic firewall box
connected to RoadRunner.  It works great and was easy to setup.  Once
the Feb release date comes, I hope to switch to using one of my old 486
PCs as a Linux/NAT/pptp box and want to hear it's easy to do.

- Chuck Flink   www.infosecana.com/flinkink

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Subject: [pptp-server] State-based Firewall and VPN Server on One Box?

> Greetings,
> I've been "lurking" on this list for a while and now I have a question for
> the assembly.
> I'm looking for a nice, clean, single-box Linux solution for state-based
> firewalling, true NAT and VPN services for Windows clients. What is your
> opinion? Can that be done? Is PoPtoP part of the answer?
> When I say "true NAT," I mean that external addresses must be statically
> mappable to internal hosts, and it must not matter whether the external
> addresses are public or private.
> I'd really like to hear some detailed opinions on this one.
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