[pptp-server] Can't login to NT domain....

Philip L. Butler butler at dii.net
Sun Jan 16 12:28:04 CST 2000


I have a question for you.  I have Poptop installed and it seems to 
work fine in that I can ping, ftp, etc. using it.  I am having 
trouble getting a few machines to see the network neighborhood, login 
to an NT domain, etc.

I have gotten it to see the domain once after I loaded Win98 SE on a 
test machine from scratch.  I may be off base, but it seems that the 
first time, it will come up and ask for the NT domain username and 
password and I can see the network neighborhood, but if I ever login 
with a different username, I can never see the network neighborhood 

I am going to reload my test system to see if this is true or not, 
but I thought I would ask the people on this list also.

Many thanks,

Phil Butler
butler at dii.net

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