[pptp-server] Re: Hi, I'm in trouble with the same config asyou

Adrian jimbud at arborlink.com
Tue Jan 18 11:39:56 CST 2000


  Well, I use kernel 2.3.39, ppp-2.3.10, and pptp-1.0.2, and pptpd-1.0.0.
I use only the "file" option with ppp to point to my options file, which
is the one I included in my post to the list.  Perhaps updating your
distributions (except for kernel) might help.


On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, [iso-8859-1] Seosamh D. Ó Riordáin wrote:

> Hi,
> Yeah, I'm using ppp as a module - all modules are loaded
> properly as per instructions. My setup is RH5.1, 2.0.36, ppp-2.3.8
> with relevant patches etc, and pptp 1.0.0.
> I've totally removed and reloaded the modules on server and
> client to no effect.
> BTW, do you use any other command line parameters to the
> linux pptp client than the ones below: (assuming your config files)
> #pptp firewall name jack noauth debug +chapms +mppe-128
>  mppe-stateless
> On another issue, if I use +chapms-v2 instead of +chapms the PPP
> Daemons on both machines seem to get  into an endless loop
> sending CHAP challenge/response messages to each other ?? !!!
> Any pointers much appreciated..
> Regards,
> Seosamh

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