[pptp-server] Managing multiple authentication domains

Mike Ireton mike at bayoffice.net
Wed May 3 20:28:47 CDT 2000

	So I would like to know how I would solve the following problem
with poptop/pppd:

	A router serves three different organizations - we'll call them
companya, companyb, and companyc. These are all assigned IP addresses such
as 10.1.1/24, 10.1.2/24 and 10.1.3/24. 

	An employee of companya vpn's in. I want her to be assigned an ip
address within companya's address range (10.1.1/24). Then employee's of
companyb and companyc vpn in as well, and I want them to be assigned
addresses within their respective ranges as well.

	It appears to me that I cannot do this. Instead, I need to choose
a range of IP addresses ahead of time and cannot base the number chosen
upon the chap credentials used to authenticate with.

	Any ideas?

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